RMBC Home to School Transport Policy Consultation

Home to School travel is an integral part of the school system, as it ensures that all children of compulsory school age can access education and fulfil their potential.

The Home to School Transport Policy is updated each year, ahead of the new academic year, and is based on guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) which sets out the Council’s legal responsibilities when making home to school travel arrangements for children. Also included is eligibility for home to school transport for young people who are no longer of compulsory school age. There are no proposals to significantly change this section of policy at this stage.

Following an update to guidance in June 2023, there is a requirement for the Council to review the current policy, and in accordance with statutory requirements there is a need for a formal consultation to take place.

 The consultation is open to all and the Council is particularly keen to hear from schools, colleges, local authorities, parents, carers, children, and young people, and would like to encourage everyone to take part by completing an online survey.

Responses will help to inform decisions around any proposed changes to the existing Home to School Transport Policy, and some of the issues covered include:

 • Eligibility for travel assistance (SEND provision/Zoom Zero Travel Passes)


• Safety and appropriate behaviour on home to school transport

• Safeguarding and child protection

• Individual needs of each traveller

• Family travel budget payments

 The consultation and policy review aims to improve accessibility to the service and provide better information to parents/carers and all other stakeholders about the service. This will enable parents and carers to make informed decisions about their children’s education.

The consultation survey is now available online and can be accessed here: Have your say on the Home to School Transport Policy – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

In addition to the survey, a number of events have been planned which are taking place during the consultation period to allow you to have an opportunity to discuss the proposed changes face to face with representatives from the local authority.

The consultation can also be found on the Rotherham SEND Local Offer page: Latest News – Rotherham SEND Local Offer 

Please be advised that the SEND Local Offer includes information for parents/carers with children and young people who need to use public transport to travel to and from school, and also those who may need to when they move into secondary education.


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