Our students had the opportunity to take a cruise on a canal boats with the Ethel Trust. The Ethel Trust specialise in offering day and residential trips to disadvantaged groups including SEND groups. 
Each trip followed the same core route as described in the last report (Thorne to Goole, Goole to Stainforth, Stainforth to Thorne) with variations for time, traffic and conditions. Slot A (14-16 June) was three days of glorious sunshine and clear skies. Slot B (19-21 June) had more varied weather; beautiful sunshine, cloud bursts, thunderstorms and then back to beautiful weather!

On the first night of each trip we had a BBQ in Goole. On the second night of each trip we went to a canal side pub with mooring (the New Inn) in Stainforth. At the BBQ we offered a range of meat and meat-free options as well as a selection of salads, fruit and mini dessert snacks. This went down very well (with students, staff and crew!) on both events. The pub is a regular stopping point for the Ethel Trust and therefore they are comfortable and confident accommodating larger and more complex groups. They blocked out a whole section for us and were happy to chat with the students who wanted to ask them questions. The food was very good and enjoyed by all!

Ethel Trust run a participation award for engaging in the full range of duties on board the boat (steering, opening locks/bridges and participating in domestic duties including cooking and clearing up) in order to achieve this the participants have to complete the practical element and then review it by answering a few short questions in which they identify why, how, with who and what the impact of their actions were.
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